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Discovering America Podcast

This podcast will be a history narrative collected from various sources.  I will be covering the stories of events and people that played a part in creating America.  My goal is to give the listener an entertaining dialog of history and walk away (or ear away) with a, “I didn’t know that”, feeling.

Dec 19, 2014

In two ships and 60 men, a Frenchman from St. Malo, Jacques Cartier sails west to the fishing grounds searching for the western passage.  Along the way he meets up with friendly natives, walruses and polar bears.   The first voyage would pass through the Strait of Belle Isle, along the southern coast of Newfoundland and hit varies points and capes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The weather would be changing soon and not equipped for winter, the ships sailed home.  No passage but, we did taste bear meat.