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Discovering America Podcast

This podcast will be a history narrative collected from various sources.  I will be covering the stories of events and people that played a part in creating America.  My goal is to give the listener an entertaining dialog of history and walk away (or ear away) with a, “I didn’t know that”, feeling.

Nov 18, 2016

The lower global attempt proved a failure in the search for the Northwest Passage. The fourth voyage carried them to the cold climate once again. Traveling west right about Iceland, some of the crew had words aimed at Hudson but, against his better judgment the little ship continued on. Ice and rocks were a problem eventually, making their way up and around the land mass and sailing as far south as the continent would allow, wintering at James Bay. In the spring, the less honorable men had a different opinion of the voyage’s goal, a parting of the crew, and the worst find of mutiny.