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Discovering America Podcast

This podcast will be a history narrative collected from various sources.  I will be covering the stories of events and people that played a part in creating America.  My goal is to give the listener an entertaining dialog of history and walk away (or ear away) with a, “I didn’t know that”, feeling.

Dec 29, 2013

The description of Christopher Columbus’ fourth and final voyage, my two-cents and a discussion of maps in the days of Columbus.

Dec 21, 2013

The description of Christopher Columbus’ third voyage and the trouble created by so many against the Columbus brothers.  All he was trying to do was to discover that passage, he had missed finding on his other two voyages.   I know it’s around...

Dec 14, 2013

A letter that was written by Christopher Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel while sailing back to Spain aboard the Nina.  He writes an account of what was discovered and how grateful he was to be sailing home, although the return trip was not without its own set of...

Dec 7, 2013

Christopher Columbus’ second voyage across the ocean but, this time well financed.   Over 1500 people from all walks of life, among them would be many that would add their name to the history of the world.  Everything was loaded, horses, cattle probably even the kitchen sink.   They weren’t coming to visit.  Nope,...